Thursday, August 4, 2011

Helms Deep Project Pics part 3

Hey guys, As you will see from the next set of pictures I have been really busy this last week. I was basically able to do this next set of building on Sunday with some help from some of my friends. I have finally found out how I am going to do the Keep so this next round of pictures will be quite impressive.

Ok, for those of you who have just joined us and you guys who have been following my progress faithfully, I wish to give you guys a big Thank You. If I didn't know that anyone was waiting to see how this was going. I dont think I'd have made it this far. I hope that this project has sparked some ideas in your own heads. If it has, all I can say is - Go for it!!! You are only limited by your own imagination.

Ok enough of my rambling........

Ok once I completed the main wall in the front we added in the large walkway on the top and the supports for the walkway and the balcony. I like the way these came out.

Opposite view of last picture.

This view of the large walkway shows the cutout section for the wall that the defenders can open to drop rocks onto the attackers trying to beat the door open. This section should be quite interesting to build. If you guys have any idea on how this can be done please let me know.

Rear view of the wall surrounding the keep. This section will be built up to be the same height as the walkway and the keep will go directly into the middle while still leaving enough room to allow fantasy movement trays to reach the keep. This should be done in the next set of pictures.

Well, thats it for now - Im going to be picking up at least 2 more boxes of the bricks tomorrow so I'll probably have a huge chunk of this thing finished by next week. Until Then, Peace Out!!!

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