Sunday, August 14, 2011

Helms Deep project part 5

Man I am worn out from this round - I went to Games Workshop yesterday to maybe work on my project for 5-6 hours and hang out for the rest. I made it there at about 1:15 and started about 1:30 and only took 2 breaks from start to finish - I only stopped when I heard that it was close to 9:00 - So forgive me if I keep the Information short - But apart from that the project is coming along a LOT faster now because we are almost DONE!!!

Well I wont bore you with too much dialog today so please enjoy these pictures

We are slightly modifying the original design to allow room for expansion later on if we want too - this area would be a possible armory.

This gives an aerial view of the work that I was able to accomplish yesterday. We have also added an additional ramp to the walkway that will surround the keep

I apologize that this picture is a little fuzzy. we will be putting the ramp to the top of the keep over here.

I will be trying to finish this on Wednesday so my friends will be able to enjoy it before the weekend. Until that time Peace out!!!

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