Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Return

Oh my gosh-how long has been??? Ive been doing SO many things its been almost impossible to do certain things it seems. But I can say that Ive had fun working on my Chaos Dwarves, I just played my first game with them yesterday (1,250 point game vs Lizardmen) *hangs head*  I probably killed a little under 200 of his points. But this was my first time so Im not too surprised. The only thing about the game that didn't go as well was the rolling-The dice gods were not with me AT ALL. But at least I learned a lot about my new army-I know now to bring a LOT more melee with this army-especially for the big battle coming at the end of May. Well I gtg now-sorry about the pics form the army-i still havent been able to take them-I should have them soon-Peace out!!!