Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Helms Deep project part 4

Ok guys - Im actually running out of time tonight so I'm just gonna keep this post short. I'll post the new information as soon as I can
Oh and yes you will see LOTR models in the pictures to help give you an idea of how tall it actually is
Front view

The Towers to the sides of the ramp will be built so that we can connect the secret door to the ramp it should be pretty nice by the time were done with them

I have started to map out the walkway inside the keep as you can see from this picture.

Inside and outside view of the stairway leading into the keep from the Deeping Wall

this large block is going to be our basing for the Keep - As you know we are slightly modifying the way it looks to make it a bit more functional. We will be adding another ramp to the other end of the keep so defenders can access the keep from either side.

Well thats about it for now - we will be picking up 2 boxes this saturday to help finish it off so after that we should be able to start basing the hardboard. So until next time - Peace Out!!!

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