Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hey guys, Sorry I havent been around recently, I have been tied up with a lot of RL stuff recently. I was just dropping into say that  I was able to purchase a new camera back in May and Im finally able to start putting it to good use. I will be posting more pictures within the next week or so of some of my older models that needed to be updated. I am also restarting on a project that I almost scrapped back in February. Expect some progress pic's before too long. I am redesigning the base again right now. And If all goes well I should be posting some more pic's of my Megarachnid as well. I am VERY close to completing the assembly process and I'm getting really excited to see how they will turn out when their painted. Once I'm finished with my current project I shall be building a small display board for them to show them off at the GW store. Well, I need to start getting ready for church so I will see you guys later. Peace out!!!