Friday, July 29, 2011

Helms Deep Project Pics part 2 - The Battle Continues

Hey Guys,
Ok for this set I have mapped out what Im going to be doing with the rest of the project except the for main keep - so far I have used 2 boxes of the bricks and 1-1/2 bags of glue sticks and I dont see using less than 4 boxes of the bricks but we'll see what happens....

This first picture shows the entire project from a side view to get the best of it

This next one is a view of the ramp going up into the keep and the first tower off to the left

Side view of the ramp

This view is going to be the interior ramps going into the castle

Ok, this is all i have so far - I hope to pick up a new box of the bricks after work today so I'll be able to work on it more soon-until then - Peace Out!!!

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