Saturday, October 31, 2009

Battle Blog taking a break

For you guys that heard that I had a alternate blog that I was going to use for Battle reports. I have decided to put it on hold until i'm able to learn how to post a proper battle report-While I was building the report I learned that its a lot tougher than I thought so until I can get a little more confidence in my writing ability its going into the "Dead Pile"-sorry to disappoint you guys but thats the way it works sometimes.


Sorry about being away for a bit - my life went downhill for a little while. The battle went well on Wednesday, although i have not been able to get on to post it. Me and opponent both did fairly well-We had to stop before the battle was over because the store closed-I was able to get a few pictures so ill post those into the battle report. Apart from that I've been attemping to finish assembling my Dwarf army and finish painting my Skaven army. The Halloween event that I went to tonight was very fun, the church that I go to holds a Fall Festivel each year for halloween and me and my family go there, Ill be posting pictures of my costume that I wore soon. Well, Thats about for now-Peace Out

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grudge match tomorrow

Today was pretty boring for the most part-Work was only 3 hours long and tomorrow is only going to be 5-but at least I'm still going to be able to demolish my friends lizardmen army in battle (at least I hope too). But I'm not holding my breath. It should be a good battle- If it still happens. Stay tuned to the Battle Blog for the report.

Matthew "Caveman" Curry

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Warhammer Pics (Skaven and Lizardmen)

The Lizardmen were my first army that I started-I got them to about 1500 points before I lost interest. But thankfully that was after I had already painted these

Nothing too fancy on the paint job on these

Now my Skaven are a different story altogether - Although the majority of my army is still unpainted I do like to show these off occasionally

The Warpfire Thrower that I have painted I tried to symbolize as the Skaven version of a hazardous weapon team so I painted it with brighter colors so that my other troops know to stay away from them


The Rat Ogres are not entirely my paint job-I updated some of the colors on them but they were originally painted by a friend that I traded my Beastmen army too-my Beastmen lasted even less time than my Lizardmen-I never even used them in a battle 

Stay tuned for more......

More Warhammer Pic's

Although I currently play Skaven and Dwarves from Fantasy and Space Wolves from 40K I did at one time collect, paint, and convert other models from other races. Here are some of my earlier models.

Necrons were by far one of the easiest models to convert and paint because of their interchangeable arms. As you can see from the pictures.

I took the arms from a Wraith and placed them onto a Lord to turn him into a Flayed One and then took the Weapons and Resurrection Orb from the Lord and gave them to the Wraith

The legs that i gave my Destroyer I took off of an old Tomb Spyder and placed them in the vents on the side of his body

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hell Pit Abombination Pictures

This model is a completely converted model that I built and painted in about 3 days-the body has parts of 4 different models-The main body is 2 Chaos Spawns that i put together to make it larger. The head on the bottom section is a Rat Ogre head that i had in my bits box and also both the bottom and top half have 1 Rat Ogre arm each. In addition to that I have 1 Clanrat crawling out of each body-1 armed with a sword and 1 with a spear to symbolize the rats living inside the creature. Also as a final touch I added the rats following it. The Human that the bottom half is eating comes from the Giant models box-if you look close you can see that the Rat Ogre has bit his arm off is is eating it.
        The paint job was Scab Red for the body, Bestial Brown for the fur and the rats underneath the body, Blood Red for the teeth and eyes, Bleached Bone for the protrusions and the eye coverings with a drybrush of Scab Red over that. The Chaos arms I painted Warlock Purple and I hit the raised veins with Scorpion Green to symbolize the warpstone flowing through its veins, The weapons of the Clanrats I painted Mithril Silver for the base color and then went over that with Chestnut Ink. The shirt of the human is Enchanted Blue and the hat is Codex Gray, his pants are Scorched Brown and his shoes are Bestial Brown. and his body parts are also Scorched Brown as well.

Welcome to The World of the Caveman

Well-for those of you who know me I dont do things like blogging, facebook, twitter and things like that too often-this blog is here for me to post photos for models that i like to work on and also to give my friends a little insight into my everyday life. So don't go crazy on me if i dont post on here too often-I'm already crazy enough for 2 people (j/k).This might take a little time to be able to get it setup for others to post so just bear with me. Well thats about it for now so ill talk to you guys again soon-bye