Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cavemans Painting Process

Hello once again from Texas guys,

I apologize for the wait - I got a little sidetracked

While you are viewing the pictures you will notice that I have used  multiple models to convey this process to you. This was to help get me started working on them as well as giving you a chance to see my other models as well. Each of these models has 9 steps to achieve the final result. I will give a brief description for each picture as I go.
Keep in mind that this process is only a suggestion for painting Vampire Counts. You may mix and match colors if you think they look nicer.

Caveman's Vampire Counts Painting Process Step 1 - Basecoat any metal items (armour, weapons,and shields) Charadon Granite.

 Caveman's Vampire Counts Painting Process Step 2 - Drybrush Tin Bitz over the Charadon Granite.

 Caveman's Vampire Counts Painting Process Step 3 - Drybrush Boltgun Metal over the Tin bitz.

Caveman's Vampire Counts Painting Process Step 4 - Basecoat any bone Astronomican Grey - Anyone who has Primed their models White may disregard this step.

 Caveman's Vampire Counts Painting Process Step 5 - Paint Skull White over the Astronomican Grey.

 Caveman's Vampire Counts Painting Process Step 6 - Wash Devlan Mud over the Skull White.

Caveman's Vampire Counts Painting Process Step 7 - Paint any cloth Ice Blue.

Caveman's Vampire Counts Painting Process Step 8 - Line highlight any raised areas on the armour with Ice Blue and wash Asurmen Blue over the cloth and attach your shield (if so equipped).

Rear view of finished model.

Please let me know if you like the models - I will be posting other types of models as I get around to painting them. If you want any suggestions for other armies - let me know. Until next time my friends, Peace Out!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cavemans Painting Process

In a hope to revitalize my interest in blogging I am going to post a step-by-step process with pictures of how I paint different types of models. Since I am currently working on my Vampire Counts army - I will be posting pictures of me painting one of my Grave Guard. But before I begin I will post the finished product so you guys can see how its going to come out. While I will not be able to post pictures of it today, I would like to like to ask you guys what you think of my pictures so far. While I know I'm not as good as others, I want to ask your honest opinion. This is getting to be a frightfully one-sided blog. I've only had 1 comment out of all of the pictures that I've posted and that wasn't even by a member, It was by a guy who was looking online for others who had done Necron conversions.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Pic's from the Caveman

I almost forgot about these models the other day-Its just been so long since I finished them that I forgot to take pictures of them along with my other models.

This round of pictures consists of a few pic's of a regiment of Plague Censor Bearers from my Skaven Army, a small regiment of Dwarves from Lord Of The Rings, my Cairn Wraith's from my Vampire Counts army, and a Canis Wolfborne model from Space Wolves. Again-If you like the way I painted them-feel free to ask me the process that I used.

Picture1 and 2- Plague Censor Bearers

Picture 3 - Dwarves

Picture 4 - Cairn Wraith's

Picture 5 and 6 - Canis Woflborn

I should be posting some more models again soon - My current project is my Skeletons and Grave Guard from my Vampire Counts army. I hope to be finished with them within the next month. Until then - Happy Painting!!!