Sunday, February 27, 2011

New post from the Caveman

Hello from Texas my friends,
Wow, has it been a long time since I've posted on here. I cant say that I've been busy or just not wanted to post anything. Because if I did, It would not be true. It seems like I have just stopped doing much else except painting models but I can say that I have finally been able to start getting some good pictures of them at least. Granted I'm not sure if they are going to let me post this many pictures in one post-but I'm hoping they do. Also-If you have any questions about my painting process-feel free to ask in a comment.

In these pictures you will find a large amount of my Skaven Lords/Heroes and Unit Champions. A few pictures of my newest army- Vampire Counts. A picture of my Lord of the Rings Lord and Hero from my Dol Guldur army, and a few models from my 40k Armies Necrons and Grey Knights. I hope you enjoy them.

First-since they are my favorite army-My Skaven are leading the way.
Picture 1 - Thanquol And Boneripper

Picture 2 - Ikit Claw and Deathmaster Snikch

 Picture 3 -Qweek Headtaker and Sqweel Gnawtooth

 Picture 4 - Old Stormvermin models that I am using as my Battle Standard Bearer and a Warlord with 2 hand weapons

Now moving on to Vampire Counts.
My idea for the color scheme came because every other V.C army I have ever seen has been a red or black color scheme-so I decided to do something different-I think you guys will like this one

Picture 1 - Konrad and Vlad von Carstein
I decided on the Ice Blue color scheme from the book because it makes the models look very creepy. I'm sure you guys will agree. I cant wait to see this entire army on the table.

Picture 2 - my Vargulf

Now moving on to Lord of the Rings.
Nothing fancy on these guys, These models are from The Dol Guldur army, The Necromancer and my Wild Warg Chieftain. I love how they came out though.

And now on to 40k.
My Necrons were very first 40k army-I am actually in the process of repainting the normal troops in preparation for the new codex. but these guys came out so nice I decided to keep them the same. the Lord character on the left is a conversion for a Flayed one.

And last but definitely not least, my Grey Knight Terminators.

I will be posting more pictures as I am able to finish painting them and get a nice enough day to take pictures of them. See you guys later!!!