Monday, October 26, 2009

More Warhammer Pic's

Although I currently play Skaven and Dwarves from Fantasy and Space Wolves from 40K I did at one time collect, paint, and convert other models from other races. Here are some of my earlier models.

Necrons were by far one of the easiest models to convert and paint because of their interchangeable arms. As you can see from the pictures.

I took the arms from a Wraith and placed them onto a Lord to turn him into a Flayed One and then took the Weapons and Resurrection Orb from the Lord and gave them to the Wraith

The legs that i gave my Destroyer I took off of an old Tomb Spyder and placed them in the vents on the side of his body

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  1. thats cool
    you should put 6 legs on the destroyer instead of 4, personally i thing its looks cooler that way. also u probably cant use the wraith with the orb and weapons and the lord as a flayed 1 in a match though :( they look soooo cool though XD i'm gonna put spyder legs on my destroyer lord but not on my destroyers cuz it would cost an insane amount of moneys to do it. i found the website though google images while trying to find images of destroyers with spyder legs)


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