Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hell Pit Abombination Pictures

This model is a completely converted model that I built and painted in about 3 days-the body has parts of 4 different models-The main body is 2 Chaos Spawns that i put together to make it larger. The head on the bottom section is a Rat Ogre head that i had in my bits box and also both the bottom and top half have 1 Rat Ogre arm each. In addition to that I have 1 Clanrat crawling out of each body-1 armed with a sword and 1 with a spear to symbolize the rats living inside the creature. Also as a final touch I added the rats following it. The Human that the bottom half is eating comes from the Giant models box-if you look close you can see that the Rat Ogre has bit his arm off is is eating it.
        The paint job was Scab Red for the body, Bestial Brown for the fur and the rats underneath the body, Blood Red for the teeth and eyes, Bleached Bone for the protrusions and the eye coverings with a drybrush of Scab Red over that. The Chaos arms I painted Warlock Purple and I hit the raised veins with Scorpion Green to symbolize the warpstone flowing through its veins, The weapons of the Clanrats I painted Mithril Silver for the base color and then went over that with Chestnut Ink. The shirt of the human is Enchanted Blue and the hat is Codex Gray, his pants are Scorched Brown and his shoes are Bestial Brown. and his body parts are also Scorched Brown as well.

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