Monday, October 26, 2009

More Warhammer Pics (Skaven and Lizardmen)

The Lizardmen were my first army that I started-I got them to about 1500 points before I lost interest. But thankfully that was after I had already painted these

Nothing too fancy on the paint job on these

Now my Skaven are a different story altogether - Although the majority of my army is still unpainted I do like to show these off occasionally

The Warpfire Thrower that I have painted I tried to symbolize as the Skaven version of a hazardous weapon team so I painted it with brighter colors so that my other troops know to stay away from them


The Rat Ogres are not entirely my paint job-I updated some of the colors on them but they were originally painted by a friend that I traded my Beastmen army too-my Beastmen lasted even less time than my Lizardmen-I never even used them in a battle 

Stay tuned for more......

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