Friday, July 29, 2011

Helms Deep Project Pics part 2 - The Battle Continues

Hey Guys,
Ok for this set I have mapped out what Im going to be doing with the rest of the project except the for main keep - so far I have used 2 boxes of the bricks and 1-1/2 bags of glue sticks and I dont see using less than 4 boxes of the bricks but we'll see what happens....

This first picture shows the entire project from a side view to get the best of it

This next one is a view of the ramp going up into the keep and the first tower off to the left

Side view of the ramp

This view is going to be the interior ramps going into the castle

Ok, this is all i have so far - I hope to pick up a new box of the bricks after work today so I'll be able to work on it more soon-until then - Peace Out!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Helms Deep Project Pics

Ok here is the first set of pictures that I have of the Deeping Wall. Before I show the pictures I will give a short description of the products that I'm using and also give links for them as well

Project Bricks  - click on the name for the link
The Project Bricks are REALLY easy to work with, these are what they look like just out of the box

The bricks are 11/16" x 11/16" x 1-7/16" so we stacked them about 7 high for the wall - 6 high for the wall height and 1 brick to provide cover.

Low Temp Hot Gun
The item I used to build them is a Super Low Temp hot gun that I also found at Hobby Lobby that works pretty good - the only thing that you have to watch out for is it dries faster than a regular Low Temp gun. But if you dont mind that it should be really easy to use.

Now on the pictures - This took me about 6 hours of overall working time to build. The hardest part was making the balcony because you have to crush the pieces to make the inside. But overall it's coming out really nice so far. The size we're going for it a little under 2' x 4' so you can see I'm probably going to be working on it for a pretty good length of time.

This first view is what it will look like from the attackers point-of-view

These are the rear views - once we build the keep and place it on it's base we will remove the section of the wall above the drain so when the objective is destroyed we will be able to actually remove it to show it has been destroyed.

Ok, that about wraps up this session. I dont have very many bricks left so I wont be able to build any more on it until I get some more so Ill be post more pics when I have to chance to build so more. Until that time, Peace Out!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Project in the works

Hello everyone - sorry it been a while since ive posted but ive been kinda busy with other stuff. For the last bit of who-knows-how-long I have been thinking about doing a LOTR board of Helms Deep - the only interesting part was HOW to do it. Just about a week ago I was in Hobby Lobby and I found a GREAT product called Project Bricks that is made by Floracraft. Theses bricks are made out of hardened Styrofoam and they are going to be the way that we are going to use to make the building. I have already started building the section of the wall that contains the drain that the orcs use to blow a hole in the wall in the movie. I will be posting pictures of the progress as I go along - The project is going to be done at the Games Workshop that I go to so I'll be able to keep you guys posted on its progress pretty easily. Well, Until next time. Peace out!!!