Friday, July 15, 2011

New Project in the works

Hello everyone - sorry it been a while since ive posted but ive been kinda busy with other stuff. For the last bit of who-knows-how-long I have been thinking about doing a LOTR board of Helms Deep - the only interesting part was HOW to do it. Just about a week ago I was in Hobby Lobby and I found a GREAT product called Project Bricks that is made by Floracraft. Theses bricks are made out of hardened Styrofoam and they are going to be the way that we are going to use to make the building. I have already started building the section of the wall that contains the drain that the orcs use to blow a hole in the wall in the movie. I will be posting pictures of the progress as I go along - The project is going to be done at the Games Workshop that I go to so I'll be able to keep you guys posted on its progress pretty easily. Well, Until next time. Peace out!!!

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