Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Rise of the Megarachnid

While I typically do not post twice in the same day I thought that starting to post info on my current conversion project would be fun. While this is not a "typical" army that most gamers would think of as being one that they would want to try to build, paint, and play against other people, I am not your "typical" gamer. Ask any one of my friends at the Games Workshop that I go to, A few examples of armies that I am currently building are..... Chaos Dwarves, Skaven Clan Moulder army, and the Dwarf Slayer army. While each of these are or have been sanctioned by GW. There is another army that I have NEVER heard of anyone even attempting to convert or even make an army book for them, The Megarachnid!!! For the people that have NOT read Horus Rising (Book 1 of the Horus Heresy novels) The Megarachnid are an alien race very similar to the Tyranids except in one small detail - to put it in simple terms - their cyborgs. The way they are described in the novel is.....

(Horus Rising - page 207) Even after he'd slain a fair number of them, Saul  Tarvitz was still unable to say with any certainty where the biology of the megarachnid stopped and their technology began. They were the most seamless things, a perfect fusion of artifice and organism. They did not wear their armour or carry their weapons. Their armour was an integument bonded to their arthropod shells, and they possessed weapons as naturally as a man might own fingers or a mouth.

With that said, here are the pictures of the Megarachnid as seen in my minds eye. But first I will show you what they look like before the conversion

Megarachnid conversion models - For those of you that are Warhammer Fantasy fans, you will recognize these as the spiders from the Goblin Spider Riders box shown from different angles to show you how the conversion takes place. From the picture directly above, Locate and cut off both the 2nd and the 3rd leg from the front on both sides, with that complete, slightly angle the stump where the leg molds into the body and reattach the leg so it splay's to the side as seen in the next picture

As you can see from the picture, there are a few different ways that you can position the legs to form different poses. Or you can be really brave and try this next one

To achieve the jumping spider on the left was not as hard as I thought it would be at first. You only have to cut off the first 3 legs and reattach them in such a way as to make it look like its jumping - then put it on a flying base using the hole that was originally used to mount it to its cavalry base.

I will post more pictures of completed models as they come available. The more fun task is coming up with rules for them (strictly for fun of course as I would not be able to use the rules in a legal tournament but something so that me and my friends can recreate the battle for Murder.)

Well, as I am only starting to convert the models it will probably be a little while before you hear from me again. so until that time, Peace Out!!!


  1. You've really outdone yourself on this one Matt. They look incredible.

  2. Hey there! Great display board and impressive VC units. The GG in that icy blue is awesome. Mirliton makes a cyborg spider I've seen... wish I could find the mini on their site... know its there somewhere and it might help your concept army. Also, if your working on Chaos Dwarves stop into the Chaos Dwarves Online forums... they got tons of conversions.

    Great stuff Mr. Caveman!


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