Friday, April 8, 2011

Vampire Counts display board

A little while back the manager of the Games Workshop that I go to allowed me to put some of my Vampire Counts models into our display case so others could see them. So 2 days ago I started thinking of ways to be able to make it. While I do not have pictures of the finished product yet - I wanted to show you its humble beginning's at least - I am hoping to take the finished pictures tonight after work.

I thought I would start off with an overview shot showing each of the models that I would want to have on it. The Skeletons in the lower left and the details scattered around the board are the only ones that are unpainted.

Im sorry this shot came out a little blurry

Each of the details will be painted before I attach them - I just like the idea of seeing  Zombies being raised from the cemetery and the pieces of the Vargulf's last victim scattered around outside of his cave.

As I should be working all day today it will probably be tomorrow before I post the finished pictures. Until then, Peace Out!!!

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