Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Prepare-my brothers" hissed Warlord Cavesqueak to the verminous horde that surrounded him, The room fell silent as his followers waited to hear what he had to say. Thousands of blood-red eyes turned to look at him as the anticipation of what was to come started to build. With a flick of his tail, Cavesqueak begin to address his troops........
"In 2 days time, The clans will emerge from their underground lairs and will overwhelm the puny surface dwellers once and all"!!!! At this the hordes of skaven assembled in the great hall roared their battle cries. The deafening sound rose until the walls of the cave shook with the sound. Cavesqueak let his battle-brothers enjoy the moment for a little while before he held up his hand for silence once again, when the room was quiet again he continued....  "With our clans finally united, The surface dwellers will not stand a chance against our might. The Skaven will rule over all that is. While this may come at great sacrifice-be it known, that for every skaven that falls-3 more will rise up to take his place!!! The surface world will be ours at last"!!!

As you guys can see-I am quite excited about this Saturday. While I am undecided about either buying my Doomwheel or a unit of Stormvermin-These decisions are trivial matters that will come to naught in the grand scheme of the Horned Rat. I can but enjoy the moment as the eventual triumpth of the skaven over all the world is about to commence..... Let the world beware- The Skaven are about to arrive!!!

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