Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Time Has Come!!!

Warlord Cavesqueak surveyed his army from atop a small rise as the hordes of rats marched out of their underground lair to begin their conquest. A small grin started to form on his face as he thought of his other comrades from all across this world begin to pour out of their hiding places to join the assault on their enemies. The sheer simplicity of the plan assured that the man-things would fall. There would be no quarter given, all who did not surrender outright would be destroyed. This world had belonged to the man-things for far too long - A new order was rising, All would cower before its might. The Skaven have arrived.

                                S   K   A   V   E   N
                                k    i     l    e    f    e
                                a    l     l    r    f     a
                                v    l          y    i & t
                                e                     c     t
                                n                      i     l
                                                        e    y

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