Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Special report: Compassion International

Hello everyone,
While this is not my normal type of blog post I feel this is something that I should share. Recently I have started to sponsor 2 children through Compassion International and I believe this has been one of the most life-changing things that I have ever done.

Compassion International is a non-profit Christian child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty in Jesus' name. They currently sponsor more than 1,200,000 children in 26 countries around the world.

I first decided to sponsor after listening to Shaun Groves advocating Compassion while at church 2 weeks ago. After the service, I sponsored my first child, a precious little 5 year old girl by the name of Syerlina Fisti Syalomita Bogar from Indonesia.
Then, after spending the next few days going through Compassion's website reading about their work and watching their videos on Youtube, I decided to sponsor my second child, Marisela Isabel Padilla M, A beautiful 6 year old girl from Honduras.
The current cost of sponsorship is $38 per child. The money that you send each month goes to providing food and clean water, medical care, education, life skills training and spiritual guidance to the child and their families. Sponsors have the privilege of writing letters and receiving letters from their sponsored children as well as being able to visit their children through Compassion's guided tours of the countries where your sponsored children live. 

Now I could keep this blog post going for an indefinite amount of time talking about Compassion's work, But I wont, If you are looking for more information I would encourage you to visit Compassion's website, Or even check out their videos on Youtube. Either one would be able to give you FAR more information than I ever could. 

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