Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Return

Hey guys, IM BACK!!! It has been a long time since I have posted anything and so I here I am with some new pictures (and a new video) of my Megarachnid - While I have finalised my codex I will not post it here because it would take up too much of the post so this time it is just my most recent pictures and video. I hope you enjoy them - If you have trouble seeing the images - click on a picture and it will open all of the full size images into a slide show

Here I have pictured all of the models that I have at least put onto bases - Not all of them are fully painted.

My next 4 pictures are of my Warriors, my Winged Clades my Webflingers and my Creepers. In that order.

My last picture is of a new class of Megarachnid that act as vanguards and who can fortify terrain pieces that will add +1 to each terrain piece that they enter (sacrificing movement and attacks for 1 round to achieve that fortification)

My next picture is of my Stalkers, These are my Terminator class spiders

My next picture is of Giant Web Walker

Now if you have read the codex that I posted you may have noticed my entry about my Baby Spiders and my Spider Bots. Their stat lines are styaing the same but my Spider Bots are now capable of being used in a normal game and my Baby Spiders will now die after 1 round of combat regardless of how many wounds are left on the model due to their new Hyperspawned rule.

My next picture is of my Spider Guardians - who have traded giving their unit Feel No Pain to giving them Preferred Enemy instead.

And now, Last but not least..... Volgatha The Spider Queen. Here entry has stayed the same except 2 minor changes - Her Queen of the web ability now has the ability to bolster an existing unit within 12" or create a  completely new unit instead of creating an ever-expanding bodyguard. And now her Commanding Presence ability confers to all units within 12".

And now the moment all of you have been waiting for - Here is my most recent video. I hope you enjoy it.
Also if you have trouble watching it through here - you may watch it on Youtube by clicking this link
Pirate Matt's Second Megarachnid Video

Well That about wraps it up for this session. I am planning on completing the remainder of my Megarachnid before I dive into my next big project. I hope to have these done within the next 6 month's at least - I'll keep you guys posted on the progress. Until then Peace Out!!!

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