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The Return of the Megarachnid

Some of you will probably remember an entry that I made last April about a concept army that I was working on. In that time frame I have slowly been building it up and now I want you guys to see what kind of Army book I have for them - the book is a group effort between me and about 3 other guys that I hang out with at my local Games Workshop store. While this will never be a viable army book it'll be nice to finally play the army (at least in my local store) - If you look in my archives for April you will see how some of my finished models look like. I shall post some more pictures of my other models as they become available. but until that time, look over the army list and maybe even put in some suggestions about some of the entries, It would be greatly appreciated.

Megarachnid Army list

These entries would be good base stats for the entire army.

1. Although not beast’s in the literal since - All Megarachnid count as beasts for the purpose of movement.
2.Venom spit - a short range shooting attack possibly 12” (see stats below)
3.Acid Spit - (Squad Upgrade) - Up to 2 from each unit may replace their Venom spit for +10 pts each (treat as a Meltagun.)
4. Hit and Run, Ignores terrain, Must autobreak from combat, Auto face and direction at end of flee, Auto rally, may move, charge, shoot etc
5. Cornered Spiders - Megarachnids do NOT get +1 attack for charging but instead will get +1 attack when they are charged to represent them preparing to meet the charge - (kinda like Counter attack from Space wolves)
6. Toughness being higher due to being part machine - Attacks being higher due to having 4 attacking arms.
7. All squad leaders (+15 points) are given +1 Weapon Skill and +1 Attack
8. Webbing (Squad Upgrade +2 pts per model) - Every unit type may take this upgrade. (Webbing activates on the roll of a 3+)(Roll at beginning of the round for each unit in combat)
-Webbing Upgrades for unit types- (Any Ideas would be great)
HQ's -
Elites -
Troops - Enemies at -1 WS
Fast Attack - Enfeebling Webs - Enemies are at -1 Str
Heavy Support - Acid Webbing - Lowers enemy armour value by 2

(Any Ideas would be great for the next entries)

Megarachnid Warriors (Basic Troops) 15 p.p.m
WS3, BS3, S3, T4, W1, I4, A2 Sv 5+ LD9
Unit size 10+

Trapdoor Spiders (Ambushing Predators-Troops) 20 p.p.m
WS:4, BS:3, Str:4, T:4, W:1, I:4, A:2, Sv:5+, LD:9
Unit size 5-10
1. Fortification - Special rule enabling them to fortify a terrain piece with webs (Roll D3 for results)
D3 results
1-2 -- 2+ cover save
3-5 -- (Some kind of defensive grenades?)
6 - Enemies lose their charge bonus while fighting enemies inside of the terrain

2. Ambush (+2pts per model) - Nominate 1 terrain piece per unit of Trapdoor spiders and roll 2D6 for affected area - roll 1D6 when enemies run over them to see what happens.
-1D6 Results-
1-2 - No affect (Spiders may emerge from the nearest table edge)
3-5 - The spiders emerge and charge the enemy that triggered the trap
6 - The Trap is sprung!!! - All enemy models within a Large blast template take 1 STR 3 hit per 1D3 roll (no armour saves but Look out Sir rolls allowed) as 1D3 spiders self-destruct - Any remaining spiders autocharge the enemy unit.
(ex. you roll a 6 on 1D3 so your enemies take 3 STR 3 hits - one for each spider that explodes)

Winged Clades (Flying troops-Fast Attack) 18 p.p.m
WS:3, BS:3, S:3, T:4, W:1, I:5, A:2*, Sv:4+, LD:8
Overdrive Clade:
WS: 4 BS: 3 S:3 T:4 W:2 I:5 SV:3+ LD: 9
Winged Clades may take the following:
Extra combat arm: 10pts (+1 attack)
One clade may be upgraded to an Overdrive clade: 15pts
Maximum Unit 5
*Special attacks enabling them to lift enemies and throw them out of combat - roll 2D6 and Scatter die for direction and distance
(treat each attempt as a normal attack (WS vs WS , STR vs T)

Spider Guardian (Attached Bodyguard-Elites) 50 p.p.m
WS:4, BS:3, Str:5, T:5, W:3, I:4, A:3, SV:4+, LD:9
Unit size 1-3
1. Cannot move more than 12” from the unit they are guarding
2. Void Shields - Grants the unit they are guarding Feel No Pain
- Able to spawn Baby Spiders (Roll 1D6 for each attempt - any roll of a 1 while attempting causes a wound on the guardian)

3. Baby Spiders(Swarm) - WS2, BS1, S2, T2, W4, I3, A4, Sv5+, LD5
Baby Spiders do not block line of sight for shooting attacks

Spider Queen (HQ- Monstrous Creature) 150 p.p.m
WS5, BS4, S6, T5, W4, I5, A4, Sv4+ LD10
Unit Size 1
1.Queen of the Web - The Spider Queen may summon 1 of the following unit types per round - 6 Warriors - 3 Winged Clades - 2 Spider Guardians (Nominate 1 type of unit and roll either 1D6 for Warriors, 1D3 for Winged Clades, or 1D2 for Spider Guardians - The number rolled is the number of models received). Models spawned in this way may not move more than 12” from the Queen at any time while she is still alive. After each attempt - roll 2D6 - if you roll any doubles you may not attempt to summon again for the duration of the game
2. Disorienting Scream - (Flame Template - Psychic Attack) The Spider Queen unleashes a scream that causes any enemy affected to pass an Initiative test or suffer -2 WS for that round. (Entire unit affected if already in combat)
3. Commanding Presence - Any Megarachnid unit within 12” of any Spider Queen is at +1 WS while the Queen is still alive

(Giant Web-Walker - Monstrous Creature - Heavy Support) 175 p.p.m
WS5, BS4, S7, T6, W4, I4, A3, SV4+, LD9
Unit Size 1
Special rule that would tie in with the Winged Clades
1. Web Cannon (supersedes Venom Spit)-Shoots a large template shot (see stats below)(Any vehicles affected on the roll of a 4+)
(Any shots fired become a permanent sticky patch - all infantry models and vehicles must roll above the webs current Str to escape. Also any infantry that move over that patch treat as Difficult Terrain - The web degrades in Str by 1 per turn
-May add the following up to 100pts extra: -
Multi venom canon: 25 Pts.
Void coat: 35 pts (coats 1 allies vehicle with a powerful acid that ignores 1-2 on glancing affect on a roll of 4+) - (Apocalypse only)
Heavy acid gun: 40pts (replaces Web Cannon)
Ripping Arm: 40 pts - Treat as a Power Fist with 2D6 armour penetration

-Megarachnid Weapon Stats-
Venom spit: 12” str:5 ap:4 (assault 1)
Acid spit: 12” str: 8 ap: 1 ( Assault 1)
Web Cannon: 48” str: 5 (Large Template) (Roll 2D6 + Scatter Die)
Multi Venom Cannon: 36” str: 9 ap: 2 (ordinance small blast)
Heavy acid gun: 48” str: 10 ap: 1 (heavy 1)

As this is not the final version some things may change - Once we play-test the army I'll let you guys know how it went. I hope to post some pictures of my models soon - so until that time - Peace Out!!!


  1. Wow Matt, you've really fleshed them out. Looks good. Can't wait to see some battle reports. Plus, they look absolutely awesome from what I remember.

  2. Thanks Scott - it has difinetly come a long way. I cant wait to see them finished

  3. When are you rolling these out for testing? & Where?

    Don Dupree

  4. I'm going to be testing them at Games Workshop @ 249 and Spring Cypress - as to the WHEN - I have no idea - It shouldnt be too much longer though - no more than 2 month's. The entire army wont be painted by then but at least I'll be able to field them


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