Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Pic's from the Caveman

I almost forgot about these models the other day-Its just been so long since I finished them that I forgot to take pictures of them along with my other models.

This round of pictures consists of a few pic's of a regiment of Plague Censor Bearers from my Skaven Army, a small regiment of Dwarves from Lord Of The Rings, my Cairn Wraith's from my Vampire Counts army, and a Canis Wolfborne model from Space Wolves. Again-If you like the way I painted them-feel free to ask me the process that I used.

Picture1 and 2- Plague Censor Bearers

Picture 3 - Dwarves

Picture 4 - Cairn Wraith's

Picture 5 and 6 - Canis Woflborn

I should be posting some more models again soon - My current project is my Skeletons and Grave Guard from my Vampire Counts army. I hope to be finished with them within the next month. Until then - Happy Painting!!!

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