Sunday, February 26, 2012

Megarachnid codex revisions

As most of you know - Yesterday was the big 25th anniversary party of Warhammer 40k. While I did not expect to have this oppurtunity, I was allowed to run some of my Megarachnid in the last squad battle of the day. As this was the first time that they have been used in a battle apart from a apocalypse battle before we had completed this current codex, It has opened us up to learn more about how they affect the battlefield. But like all play tests, We have now revised the codex to better suit them. I'll give you guys a quick synopsis so you dont have to flip back and forth between this and my last post of my codex. Originally, We had them set up that they were normal infantry with Fleet - Now they have been upgraded to "Beasts" which means that they still have Fleet, but they are now able to move a LOT farther. We have taken away 1 shot from their Venom Spit but have bumped up the range by 3" and we have also allowed each one of the Squad Sergeants to be able to take close combat upgrades. But to offset the changes we have bumped up each one of the models points cost. So now, without further ado - Here is the revision of my Megarachnid Codex

The Megarachnid
1. Hit and Run, Ignores terrain, Beasts special rule
2. Venom spit - (See stats below)
3. Acid Spit - (See stats below) (Squad Upgrade) Up to 2 from each unit of Warriors, Ambushers or Winged Clades may take this upgrade for +10 pts.
4. Fire Launchers - (Squad Upgrade) 1 from each unit of Warriors, Ambushers, or Winged Clades may take this upgrade for +15 pts
5. Squad leaders (+15 points) are given +1 Weapon Skill and +1 Attack
and may choose 1 of the following options.
1. Power claws (+15 pts.) - Treat as a normal power weapon
2. Frost claw (+20 pts.) - Treat as a Frost blade (+1 Str.)
3. Mark of the WebLord (+25 pts.) - D3+1 Attacks
6. Webbing - Activates on the roll of a 4+ (Enemies must pass a Leadership test to not suffer the effects) Roll at beginning of the round for each unit in combat
-Webbing for unit types-
HQ's - Nightmare Web (Psychic Attack) Causes enemy unit to take a morale check as if they lost 25% of their models
Elites -  Debilitating Webs - Enemies are at -1 Initiative
Troops - Sticky Webs - Enemies at -1 WS
Fast Attack - Enfeebling Webs - Enemies are at -1 Str.
Heavy Support - Acid Webbing - Lowers enemy armour value by 2

Unit Entries
Troops - Megarachnid Warriors 18 p.p.m
WS3, BS3, S4, T4, W1, I5, A2 Sv 5+ LD9
Unit size 10-20

Troops - Trapdoor Spiders (Ambushing Predators) 23 p.p.m
WS:4, BS:3, Str:4, T:4, W:1, I:5, A:2, Sv:5+, LD:9
Unit size 5-10
1. Fortification - Special rule enabling them to fortify a terrain piece with webs (Roll D3 for results)
D3 results
1-2 -- 2+ cover save
3-5 -- Spiders attack at the same time as enemy units
6 - Enemies lose their charge bonus while fighting enemies inside of the terrain

2. Ambush (+2pts per model) - Nominate 1 terrain piece per unit of Trapdoor spiders and roll 2D6 for affected area - roll 1D6 when enemies run over them to see what happens.
-1D6 Results-
1-2 - No affect (Spiders may emerge from the terrain the following round)
3-5 - The spiders emerge and charge the enemy that triggered the trap
6 - The Trap is sprung!!! - All enemy models within a Large blast templete take 1 STR 3 hit per 1D3 roll (no armour saves but Look out Sir rolls allowed) as 1D3 spiders self-destruct - Any remaining spiders autocharge the enemy unit.
(ex. you roll a 6 on 1D3 so your enemies take 3 STR 3 hits - one for each spider that explodes)

Fast Attack - Winged Clades (Flying troops - count as jump infantry) 22 p.p.m
WS:3, BS:3, S:3, T:4, W:1, I:5, A:2*, Sv:4+, LD:8
Overdrive Clade:
WS: 4 BS: 3 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:5 SV:3+ LD: 9
Unit size 3-5
Winged Clades may take the following:
One clade may be upgraded to an Overdrive clade: 15pts
Scouts (+3 pts per model)
*Special attacks enabling them to pull enemy troops out of the unit and throw them out of combat  - Players have 2 choices for outcome of attacks - (opponent chooses after combat)

1. Your opponent may choose to struggle with the Winged Clade  (Combat order - WS vs WS, Str vs T, (If the Clade wins the combat, they choose the direction of the throw) perform a Str + D6 vs Str + D6 test as the model struggles with the clade while in flight - If the opponent wins, then move the model the number of inches rolled, but they must perform a Dangerous Terrain test as well. If the model survives, then the enemy unit consolidates toward the displaced model (model may not be flown off the table)
2. You Web your opponent  (Combat order - WS vs WS, Str vs T - If the Clade wins, you choose the direction of the throw and the model is picked up and moved 2D6 distance - The rest of the unit consolidates toward the displaced model (Model may NOT be placed on the other side of Impassable terrain or off the table)

Elites - Spider Guardian (Attached Bodyguard) 75 p.p.m
WS:4, BS:3, Str:5, T:5, W:3, I:5, A:3, SV:4+, LD:9
Unit size 1-3
1. Cannot move more than 12” from the unit they are guarding
2. Void shield generator - Grants the unit they are guarding Feel No Pain while the Guardian is still alive.
- Able to spawn Baby Spiders (Roll 1D6 for each attempt - any roll of a 1 while attempting causes a wound on the guardian)
-- Baby Spiders(Swarm) -- WS2, BS1, S2, T2, W4, I3, A4, Sv5+, LD5
1. No armour saves allowed against Baby Spiders
2. Baby Spiders do not block line of sight for shooting attacks

HQ - Spider Queen (Monstrous Creature, Independent Character) 170 p.p.m
WS5, BS4, S6, T5, W4, I6, A4, Sv4+ LD10
Unit Size 1
1.Queen of the Web - The Spider Queen may summon 1 of the following unit types per round - 6 Warriors - 3 Winged Clades - 2 Spider Guardians (Nominate 1 type of unit and roll either 1D6 for Warriors, 1D3 for Winged Clades, or 1D2 for Spider Guardians - The number rolled is the number of models received). Models spawned in this way may not move more than 12” from the Queen at any time while she is still alive. After each attempt - roll 2D6 - if you roll any doubles you may not attempt to summon again for the duration of the game
2. Disorienting Scream - (Flame Templete - Psychic Attack) The Spider Queen unleashes a scream that causes any enemy affected to pass an Initiative test or suffer -2 WS for that round. (Entire unit affected if already in combat)
3. Commanding Presence - Any Megarachnid unit within 12” of any Spider Queen is at +1 WS while the Queen is still alive

Heavy Support - Giant Web-Walker - (Monstrous Creature) 200 p.p.m
WS4, BS4, S7(8), T5(6), W4, I4, A3, SV4+, LD9
Unit Size 1
1. Web Cannon (supersedes Venom Spit)-Shoots a large template shot (see stats below)(Any vehicles affected on the roll of a 4+  Will also work against aircraft - Web grounds any aircraft that is hit if the center hole on the template is over the center of the aircraft)
All enemy models and vehicles treat the web as Difficult Terrain.
-Web Vulnerability- ANY models that have been HIT by the Web Cannon suffer a -1 to their WS and BS while inside of the web

May add the following up to 100pts extra:
Heavy Acid Spit: +20 pts
Multi venom canon: 25 Pts.
Void coat: 35 pts (coats 1 allies vehicle per upgrade with a powerful acid that ignores any  debilitating effects from a glancing hit on a roll of a 4+)(Apocalypse only)
Ponderous: 50 pts. (Adds +1 Strength,and  +1 Toughness and allows up to 10 Warriors or 3 Winged Clades to be carried into battle)

-Megarachnid Weapon Stats-
Venom spit: 15” Str:5 Ap: - (assault 1)
Acid spit: 15” Str: 7 Ap: 1 ( Assault 1, Melta)
Fire Launchers: (Flame Template) Str: 4 Ap: 4
Web Cannon: 48” Str: X (Large Template) (Roll 2D6 + Scatter Die)
Multi Venom Cannon: 36” Str: 9 Ap: 2 (ordinence small blast)
Heavy Acid Spit: 28” Str: 8 Ap: 2 (Heavy 1)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heys guys I'm back with another video. I found this website online that has a VERY cheap price for a professional looking Video - all you have to do is put what pictures you want in the video and what music and they take care of the rest. The website address is  

I set my account up with the Plus option so I can make full length videos and not pay through the nose. The price for plus is $30 a year so its not a bad price for something like this.

Ok thats enough chat - Here is my video for my Megarachnid - Enjoy!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ok as promised - here is my post of my Winged Clades - and as an added bonus - the video has a 360 degree view of them - I hope you guys enjoy them

Winged Clade conversions

Just dropping in to give you guys a heads-up. I recently got an idea about converting my Winged Clades and I think I found a pretty good way to do it - So, if you guys can wait for a few hours I will post the pictures. If I'm  able to pull it off it should be pretty cool - Wish me luck!!!